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      Canada Water Tennis is a tennis coaching company run by an experienced LTA Level 3 and ITF qualified tennis coach since 2012. We organise and run tennis programmes in and around Canada Water, in the very heart of South East London, at various community sites. The hub of all coaching is at Bacon's College Sports Centre with floodlit outdoor and indoor mini courts.

We teach children from the age of 3+ and run a detailed term time program as well as have extensive tennis camps over all of the school holidays. We also offer comprehensive individual coaching lessons and group adult lessons.

Canada Water Tennis is a great place to learn the game and advance your skills in an informal, safe and friendly environment. We are fully committed to helping develop our players to their fullest potential and we are constantly creating and developing various tennis programmes and sessions to welcome players of all ages and standards of play.

Our team of qualified and enthusiastic coaches are both highly professional and innovative so we can offer a top service covering the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game. All our players are tutored in numerous areas including co-ordination, footwork, agility, and balance.

We look forward to helping you improve your game!
    I had been taking tennis lessons for 8 months prior to starting with Anastasija and had struggled to make any improvements. After starting with Anastasija she took a back to basics approach to identify and correct my mistakes. I am happy with the patient and professional approach she takes and I fully recommend her as a coach.

KEN S., Rotherhithe
  After deciding to get back into tennis having not played since a teenager, I am extremely happy to have found Anastasija. She has sorted out my grip and taught me double-handed backhand (which initially felt odd but now seems natural). She is very flexible and works on the aspects that you want to work on. Most importantly, after each session I can feel that I have improved!

BEN A., Canada Water
      Brilliant workout for the entire body
Playing tennis even at the amateur level can increase your aerobic capacities, lower body fat, increase bone density and mprove overall muscle tone.
  At Canada Water Tennis we are very passionate about tennis and believe it is one of the most equal and inclusive of all the sports. Tennis does not require more than just a racquet and a ball. Tennis can be played from the very young to the very old, by both a team or individual. Tennis is more than just a pastime - it's our life.

We are dedicated to providing top quality tennis coaching to our clients. Our principles are very simple:
  • provide a fun, safe and dynamic social environment for children and adults to learn and improve their tennis;
  • help to develop our players to their fullest potential by constantly improving our programmes in various areas, such as Physical condition, Technical/Tactical and Mental fitness;
  • provide enjoyable tennis opportunities and personal attention, reinforce our players' continuous growth and constantly monitor their progress.
Improved agility, flexibility, coordination and balance
Tennis is a sport where you are constantly moving, changing direction and stretching your body. By playing tennis on a regular basis, you will notice an improvement in agility, flexibility and body balance.
Enhanced emotional health
Tennis is a wonderful way to help combat everyday stress, it can help you to think a little clearer and better manage the chaos of daily life. Become more optimistic, less anxious and have greater self-esteem!
Making better decisions on court and in everyday life
Playing tennis can improve you critical thinking, mental alertness, and tactical thinking. You will be able to stay focused, always have a strategy and make split-second decisions.
Ability to meet new people and spend time with friends
Unlike most sports, tennis can be played at any age. It is a game that can be played easily with friends of all ages and all fitness levels!
      Canada Water Tennis
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Bacon’s College Sports Centre,
Timber Pond Road, Rotherhithe,
London, SE16 6AT
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